Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump Says "Comey Tapes" May Exist But He "Did Not Make" Them. House Committee Not Buying It And Threatens Trump With Subpoena

In case you missed it amid all the hoopla of the Senate Health Care bill yesterday Donald Trump fired off a moronic tweet about about the existence of the “Comey tapes” that may have landed him in even hotter water.

As we all know on May 12, three days after Trump fired his FBI Director James Comey he sent out a the now infamous tweet that implied the existence of tapes of him and Comey ...

Based on that tweet the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Trump's suspected collusion with Russia, demanded that Trump turn over any such tapes and set this Friday as a deadline.

Then after 41 days of pointless speculation Trump, knowing full well he had made up the entire scenario and possessed no such tapes, tweeted this on Thursday afternoon....

So to explain that in the Trumpaneese that only his base hears Donald is essentially saying that Obama is probably wire tapping me so there may be tapes of me and Comey it's his fault and I didn't do it.

After his moronic afternoon tweetfest cowardly Trump sent out his deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders to take the hit. When she was asked about why Trump had sent the original "Comey tape" tweet Sanders said...

I think it was more about raising the question of doubt in general

Whatever the hell that means.

Either way the House Intelligence Committee's ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. was pissed saying Trump's attempts at being too cute by half was insufficient...

"If the president didn’t make tapes or isn’t aware of tapes, then why did he hang the idea of tapes over James Comey’s head? Did he try to intimidate him, was he trying to discourage others from coming forward? There’s a lot that still remains to be answered here,"

Schiff then went on to say the White House must officially respond to the committee by tomorrow’s deadline regarding whether they know of any recordings and if they do not respond, the next action taken will be to subpoena the White House.

Ruh Roh!

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