Saturday, July 15, 2017

FAIL!!!! Trump Perpetrates His Longest, Most Uncomfortable, Most Embarrassing Handshake EVER!

30 seconds of pure excruciating awkwardness.

Donald Trump, trying to assert his non-exististant dominance, tried one of his ridiculous "power" handshakes on the French President Emanuel Macron during his visit for Bastille Day... It did not go well.

Not only did he not assert said dominance he executed one of the most awkward, embarrassing, failed handshakes ever all while on the world stage.

Trump took his idiotic handshake game up a notch with hand slapping and his patented jerk-and-pull move almost causing the French president to lose his balance. When Macron tried to pull away, Trump switched to an upward grip and pulled Macron close to him before leaning over to kiss/maul the French first lady but then unexpectedly grabbed Brigitte Macron's hand pulling her into the fray!

Trump then proceeded to shake both their hands or several seconds until he finally let go of the couple, but not before giving the French president one last hand pat.

The entire exchange took almost 30 seconds.

Ladies and gentlemen I give to you the impotent Trump embarrassing all of us in front of the world... Again...

The gripping heard around the world came on Friday after the two watched the French National Day Parade.

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