Wednesday, July 5, 2017

North Korea Crosses Trump's Red Line And Fires Missile They Claim Could Reach US! Trump Reacts Quickly And Decisively... With Lame Tweet!

A photo from the state-run Korean Central News Agency purports to show the missile launch.

On Friday Donald Trump, on the way out the door to his Bedminster golf club for the July 4th weekend, fired off a yugly big strong warning at North Korea that he'd had enough of their shenanigans!

While speaking alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in from the Rose Garden, Trump declared that US patience with the North Korean regime was "over"...

"The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed. And, frankly, that patience is over."

Feeling he had marked his territory like an incontinent bloated orange Chihuahua Trump signed off for the 4 day long holiday and went golfing.

Unfortunately, knowing nothing about North Korea or their culture, Trump didn't realize he had just challenged their President, Kim Jong Un, to a dare. As Un is viewed as a god by his people he was left no choice but to retaliate to Trump's pathetic clueless rant lest he be seen as weak by them.

Source: James Martin CNS, NTI

And so on Tuesday, North Korea announced on state television that they had successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (pictured above) for the first time even insisting that the missile could reach the United States if they so desired.

According to various media agencies Kim Jong Un taunted the U.S. after the launch calling the missile “a gift” to “American bastards” on the their Independence Day holiday.

Nicely played Donald.

So after having crossed the red line Trump had laid down on Friday there was only one thing left for strongman Donny to do.


In tweet form, of course...

Take that Kim! Perhaps China will "put a heavy move on" you!!!

A clownish 4th grade tweet taunt that asserts someone else just might just cash the check your big mouth just wrote.


As for trying to get a statement from Trump, he couldn't be bothered. He was on the fourth golf outing of his four day vacation at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia which incidentally marks his 36th day golfing as since taking office. Trump’s spent the other three days at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

FACT CHECK: Trump has spent over 20 percent of his time in office on the links by the way.

I'm sure you will remember that in January Kim Jong Un announced that North Korea was working on a nuclear tipped ICBM that would capable of hitting the US to which Trump replied...

How confident do you feel now Don?

How confident do we feel now?

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