Friday, July 7, 2017

Trump Breaks Decades Old Tradition And Refuses Visit To Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Memorial During Poland Visit

On Thursday Haaretz reported that Donald Trump chose not stop at the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes memorial during his two-day trip to Poland.

The memorial commemorates the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943, in which 750 Jewish residents took up arms to resist Nazi troops that had arrived to deport the entire population of the ghetto to concentration camps.

Jewish community leaders in Poland criticized Trump’s decision not to visit the monument in a statement cosigned by the President of the Jewish Community of Warsaw, the President of the Union of the Jewish Communities in Poland and Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich.

The statement reads...

We deeply regret that President Donald Trump, though speaking in public barely a mile away from the Monument, chose to break with that laudable tradition. We trust that this slight does not reflect the attitudes and feelings of the American people,”

The statement also notes that every U.S. president since 1989 has made a point of visiting the memorial.

Instead of attending himself Donald Trump decided to send his daughter Ivanka.

Ivanka, who is Jewish, laid a wreath at its base with Rabbi Michael Schudrichand calling the experience “deeply moving” in an Instagram post.

What, no tweet?

While Rabbi Schudrich said that while her visit was “very important,” he did however reiterate that her father’s snub was “sad.

Instead of visiting the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument Trump decided he would much rather give a speech at the nearby Warsaw Uprising Monument, which commemorates Polish resistance fighters who rebelled against the Nazis in 1944.

At that event Haaretz, the longest running newspaper currently still in print in Israel, noted in its report that Trump’s speech...

seemed to embrace the Polish right wing narrative according to which the Poles were merely victims of the Nazis and did not play a proactive role in the slaughter of Jews.

To make matters worse, he also mentioned the ghetto uprising alongside the ghetto itself in a list of “evils beyond description” endured by... “the Polish people.”!!!!!!!

What, is he allergic to the word Jews?!?!

As far as the US media goes, they panned Trump's address calling it a "White-Nationalist Dog Whistle", an "alt-right manifesto”, and a "far-right rallying cry".

Many believe that Trump’s decision to skip the Ghetto Uprising monument reflects ongoing problems with anti-Semitism in his administration.

As for Trump himself he has refused to condemn anti-Semitic hate crimes, failed to mention the Jewish people in the official White House Holocaust Remembrance Day statement and allowed a State Department office which monitors anti-Semitism around the world go unstaffed.

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