Friday, August 11, 2017

25 Foot, Inflatable "Trump Chicken" With Orange Hair Descends On The White House (12 PICTURES)

On Wednesday a large, inflatable chicken with golden orange hair made its way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The giant rubber chicken has become the visual embodiment of Donald Trump's refusal to release his taxes and has been used in the past to chide Trump for that reason. Tax Day March events in cities from D.C. to Chicago to San Francisco this year have featured the large poultry prop as they protest Mr. Trump's decision to break with the tradition of recent presidents to release their tax information.

Though Trump is on an extended 17 day vacation at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey the presence of the orange-haired inflated chicken delighted the Internet all day.

Here are pictures of "Chicken Trump" visiting the White House...

Ironically the chicken appears to have originated in China as a 23-foot statue was used to celebrate the Year of the Rooster in the city of Taiyuan. As the holiday occurred shortly before Mr. Trump's inauguration it seemed a natural fit that this gaudy, orange haired, ridiculous, hot air filled monstrosity should come to represent Trump as well.

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